Driving To Matt Ford

April 10, 2015 3 Views


I have been looking to buy a new Ford Focus for some time.Having spent hours at various dealership. I found Matt Ford and Jerry Snead to be exactly what I was looking for.I had spent several hours at one Ford dealer and came away disappointed. I was at Matt Ford for about thirty minutes with Jerry Snead it was a done deal.I couldn't be any happier Jerry Snead and the ... e Matt Ford folks are GREAT.I will for sure tell all my friends about my buying experience.
I have purchased vehicles from Matt Ford and Jerry Snead since 1996 and my parents have purchased their vehicles from Jerry years before that. Jerry is always available to help you and very knowledgable regarding Ford products. Jerry has always been very pleasant to work with as have all the Matt Ford employees.Fred is a great finance guy. Finds the best deals and ... and handles all the paperwork in a short period of time.I highly recommend Matt Ford and Jerry Snead as the place to go and the guy to see to purchase your next vehicle.
It was the quickest and easiest vehicle purchase I have ever made, and this was the 7th Ford I have purchased. Jeremy was very helpful and easy to work with. .
I didn't feel pressured or bribed into something else that I wasn't interested in. I was convo on email about a car and said I would be in sat. but ended up going on friday and Josh walked up and knew who I was immediately. So that was impressive. Plus it only took 3 hours and we drove off in the car I wanted. Thank you so much.
Mike Howell at Matt Ford promptly answered a technical question I had regarding a 2015 F150. Great customer service here Mike! - Same with Ms. Heidi Mulhaven.