Driving To Matt Ford

April 10, 2015 3 Views


Audrey was simply outstanding! Her focus was keen on satisfying our needs, and she certainly got the job done in champion form! We would not hesitate recommending her to anyone! She made the buying experience both painless and rewarding! Thanks, Audrey!!
When I first arrived, I was very uneasy being a women and trying to purchase a new vehicle. Josh made that uneasiness go away immediately. He listened and offered some suggestions, we test drove a couple of vehicles my decision was made. There was no pressure. The whole experience was easy.
I was very pleased with the way Audrey was with us. She helped in a lot of ways to get our 2008 Ford Taurus X. I would send anyone looking for the best deal & greatest service to Matt Ford. Audrey has a GREAT personality & very helpful. Fred was GREAT also. He did a lot for us also in getting the best for us. Matt Ford has been the BEST I have dealt with.
We have had many dealings with Matt Ford and Jerry Snead for several years. Always.... and we mean ..........always have we been pleased with everyone.... Good atmosphere and genuine friendliness as been the case every time. We were very happy that Jerry had not retired and was able to help us with a purchase once again. We live not far from Noland road where another ... ther Ford dealer is but made the drive once again because we were satisfied that our expectations would be met and we were not disappointed...
Everything went as planned, and I love my new truck. I didn't feel pressured or out of place at any point. Overall A+ experience!