Driving To Matt Ford

April 10, 2015 3 Views


My husband and I went out there last night not expecting to buy a new car, but because of the overall feel of the place, we did. It was a very smooth and comfortable experience. Lonnie was very professional and friendly and Fred worked with us fairly. I cannot express how pleased we both are with this dealership. We will definatly tell our friends and family about our ... our experience.
My husband and I went to Matt Ford to look for a vehicle (used) that either had AWD or 4 wheel drive. We went there to look at a Ranger Truck with 4 wheel drive. When we arrived we were greeted by Jerry Snead . He was so kind and caring with what we needed. The truck was to old for us to get financing so Jerry went through the used car list and found me a Ford 500 AWD ... we could afford. Jerry took me out to see the Ford 500 and I fell in love. Jerry is a fantastic salesman!!! He not only found the car we needed but worked with us to get it financed. Matt Ford gave us a great price on our Pt Crusier we traded in. We can't thank Matt Ford and Jerry Snead enough for all they did!! I felt like family there and everyone was so friendly and kind!!! In the future we will be trading with Matt Ford!!! Thanks again to all of you and especially Jerry Snead!!! Sincerely, Michael and Debra Miller Carrollton, Mo.64633
I have purchased vehicles from Matt Ford and Jerry Snead since 1996 and my parents have purchased their vehicles from Jerry years before that. Jerry is always available to help you and very knowledgable regarding Ford products. Jerry has always been very pleasant to work with as have all the Matt Ford employees.Fred is a great finance guy. Finds the best deals and ... and handles all the paperwork in a short period of time.I highly recommend Matt Ford and Jerry Snead as the place to go and the guy to see to purchase your next vehicle.
I went to Matt Ford to purchase a new car and I am so glad I did. Geoff Barker made me feel pampered in the way they handle the process. I can not imagine ever going anywhere else. Thanks Matt Ford
We visited Matt Ford because we had dealt with them before for both purchase and service. We wanted a dealer close by for future servicing of the vehicle. We had talked to Jerry several times over the years as we looked for vehicles. Whether we purchased or were just trying to decide what to buy, Jerry had the same pleasant attitude in making sure we got answers to ... to our questions including test drives of a vehicle we were considering. He never tried to sell us something just because it was on the lot. He was genuinely interested in helping us find what was right for us.