Ford Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles Know How to Stretch a Gallon of Gas

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2015 Ford Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle MPGe Ratings

Although standard hybrid vehicles are able to achieve some impressive fuel economy ratings, if you are looking to stretch a gallon of gas even further and you are willing to do some extra work in order to do so, we highly suggest that you look into a Ford plug-in hybrid. As these vehicles are able to rely more heavily on electric power, they are able to travel further. It’s a claim backed by taking a closer look at the 2015 Ford plug-in hybrid vehicle MPGe ratings, both of which are able to save you a great deal at the pumps.

Before we get into the details we thought that it would be useful to take a look at exactly what MPGe is. When fully charged and filled with fuel, plug-in hybrid vehicles use a combination of the gas engine and the electric motor. Seeing as they work in tandem MPGe, or mile-per-gallon equivalent, is just a measure of how far the vehicle can go on a single gallon of gas when both of the power sources are working together.

Despite the fact that the 2015 Ford C-Max Energi and the Fusion SE Energi are different sizes, they are able to pull in the exact same ratings. With both sources of power at work in the city, the vehicles are able to travel as far as 95 miles on a single gallon of gas. Seeing as highway speeds drain the battery a bit more quickly, the 81 MPGe rating is not as high, but there is no arguing that it is impressive. It doesn’t matter what road you are on in the plug-in hybrids, the vehicles are always conscious of fuel consumption.

Once again, it is worth noting that these ratings are only achieved when the battery has enough power to propel the electric motor and there is enough gas to have the engine working as well. If one sources dies out, those ratings will not be possible. However, with a 240-volt charger handy, you can get the battery up and running in as little as two-and-a-half hours. That’s right, the MPGe ratings are not the only appealing aspect of these vehicles. The Ford Energi vehicle charging times are also extremely beneficial.

Saving money on fuel has really never been easier than it is with these two models. If you are looking to learn more about the 2015 Ford Plug-in hybrid vehicles and their impressive MPGe ratings, we encourage you to reach out to us here at Matt Ford. We are more than happy to introduce you to the capabilities of either the 2015 Ford C-Max Energi or the Ford Fusion Energi if you so please. Just schedule a test drive, give us a call or stop by whenever you get a chance. Believe us when we say that you’ll be glad you did.


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