2016 F-150 Will Take Stress out of Backing Up with a Trailer

By Admin | Posted in Ford F-150 on Sunday, May 24th, 2015 at 4:30 pm

2016 Ford F-150 Pro Trailer Backup Assist Feature

If you tow often, you likely know that mastering the art of backing up your vehicle with a trailer or boat attached to the hitch can take years to master. No matter how many times you may back up with a load attached, getting it where you need it to go almost always takes a few tries. Either you can’t see where you’re going or you steer it all wrong. Whatever it may be, you will be sure to appreciate that Ford has developed a solution and is putting an end to the struggle once and for all.

It was just announced that the upcoming 2016 Ford F-150 will be made available with a new feature that is likely to take the towing world by storm. The system will allow you to steer the trailer with just the turn of a knob, taking all of the difficulty out of the reverse maneuvers. As you may have guessed, there is not currently anything quite like the 2016 Ford F-150 Pro Trailer Backup Assist Feature.

How the Pro Trailer Backup Assist Feature Works

2016-ford-f-150-pro-trailer-backup-assist-feature-how-it-works-control-knob-boat-launch-steering-wheelOperating the Pro Trailer Backup Assist system is extremely simple. There is a knob located inside the Ford F-150 that can be rotated. Rather than turning the steering wheel of the truck, all you have to do is control the knob and the steering wheel will automatically turn and get you where you need to go.

Everything is done with the knob, as well as the backup camera, which allows you to see where the trailer is going, and which helps you to better direct the trailer. Again, this is extremely helpful when you are trying to park your trailer, or are trying to get your boat into the water at a boat launch.

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To make sure that the system operates the way that it should, all you have to do is put a checkered sticker on the tongue of your trailer. The camera is able to see the sticker and monitor the size of the load, and see where the axles and pivot points are. All of that information is then sent to the vehicle so that it can effectively back up the trailer and turn the wheel when you start to turn the knob.

As we said, this industry-first feature will be debuting in the 2016 Ford F-150, which is set to arrive later this year. If you continue to have problems backing up your trailer and want to make the whole process much easier, we encourage you to check back here on the Matt Ford blog later on this year, as we will be sure to provide you with an update as soon as we get the new 2016 F-150 in stock. That way, you can stop by our showroom and test the Pro Trailer Backup Assist feature for yourself.

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