Some of the Best Smartphone Apps For Your Car

By Admin | Posted in Dealer Information on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 at 2:26 pm

3 of The Best Car Apps for Your Smartphone

In this day and age there is no easier way to keep track of our obligations and schedules than our smartphones. Thanks to modern technology we can keep track of everything in one device. We’ve come up with a list of great apps for your smartphone that make owning your vehicle easier and more fun. From tracking where you parked with GPS to keeping track of your vehicle’s upcoming maintenance needs, these apps make it easy. Here are 3 of the best car apps for your smartphone:

Car Minder Plus

$2.99, available for iOS devices

Keeping track of your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance doesn’t have to been a pain. Simply input your vehicle’s maintenance schedule from the owner’s manual into the app and you’ll be reminded when when maintenance is due. The app also tracks your fuel economy and summarizes it for you in a graph. Best of all is you can manage information for multiple vehicles.


$0.99, available for iOS devices

Parking in the city is always an ordeal. It’s always a race against time to find where you parked, find your way back there, and get back before you run out of time on the meter. Thankfully there’s an app that removes the anxiety from the city parking. With this app you can mark with a GPS pin where you parked your vehicle, take notes and photos of how to get back to your vehicle, and the app tracks the amount of time you have left on the meter. Can this app get any better? Well it even shows you what restaurants, ATMs and other businesses are around you and has a breadcrumb feature to help you navigate back to your vehicle. Perfection.

Repair Pal

Free, available for iOS and Android devices

Not only is a vehicle in need of repair cumbersome, so is trying to find the mechanic that will repair it for the lowest cost. With Repair Pal you simply input what you need fix and the app will show you how much you can expect to pay in your area for the repair. Estimates from the app are slightly higher than the final cost for repairs, but it’s a great gauge. Plus, the app will list all of the repair shops in your area with contact information.