Future F-150 Expected to Receive Efficiency-Boosting Features

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Ford F-150 “Lion” V6 Diesel Engine News

For years, consumers have been pushing for a diesel engine underneath the hood of the Ford F-150, and according to some pretty prominent rumors floating around online, Ford is currently working on a diesel engine—codename “Lion”— which has been specifically manufactured for the F-150. Not too much information has been released about the specifics of the engine, however, we have compiled information from a number of sources to help provide you with a bit of speculated Ford F-150 “Lion” V6 diesel engine news. As we said, most of this is just rumored, but based on the sources, there’s a good chance that much of the information is accurate.

According to sources, the “Lion” engine will be a 3.0-liter V6 which will arrive a few years into the future when the Ford F-150 receives its mid-cycle update. As the pickup is receiving a complete redesign for the 2015 model year with the switch to an aluminum body, it’s likely that the diesel engine will arrive around 2018. That gives Ford plenty of time to tweak the diesel engine and get it ready for production.

As the engine is likely still in the planning phase, we’re not quite sure of what the power output ratings will be, but they’re likely to be competitive with the Ram 1500, which already offers a 3.0-liter V6 EcoDiesel under the hood. The EcoDiesel pumps out 420 lb-ft of torque, but with Ford’s history, that torque output is most likely going to seem quite unimpressive when Ford releases the official output numbers for the Lion V6 Diesel. When an engine is codenamed “Lion,” you can expect that it’s going to pack quite the roar.

We also fully expect the Lion V6 diesel engine of the Ford F-150 to be extremely fuel efficient. If you’re not aware, efficiency standards are being increased, and automakers are being forced to find alternative ways to increase efficiency. It’s one of the reasons that Ford is making the switch to a more lightweight aluminum body for the 2015 Ford F-150. When the aluminum body is paired with a diesel engine, the fuel efficiency is likely to be higher than it has ever been before.

Another factor which will help to increase fuel efficiency in the F-150 is the 10-speed transmission that’s also in the works. The gear-filled transmission will allow for more efficient gear changes, and will increase both performance and efficiency by allowing the F-150 to perform in the optimal fuel-efficiency range for longer periods of time. According to some online sources, the transmission will allow the F-150 to pull in a highway fuel economy rating in the ballpark of 30 mpg, making it the most fuel efficient pickup in its class.

Again, keep in mind that much of this news is currently just speculation. However, as we said, from the sources that the information was gathered from, it’s likely that much of it’s true. If you’re interested in finding out more about Ford F-150 “Lion” V6 diesel engine news, be sure to check back here on the Matt Ford blog in the future. We will have more information about the engine, as well as the 10-speed transmission as it’s made available. While you wait, be sure to check out some of the other posts here on our blog. We have a ton of information about new and upcoming models in the Ford lineup, including the highly-anticipated redesigned 2015 Ford Mustang.


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  2. greg faulkner says:

    Same problem; different manufacturer. If diesels weren’t so expensive and complicated to build and emissions certify, they would be taking over the truck world by now; but the problem remains that OEMs can offer all the diesels that they want but as long as the average consumer can do math, they just won’t sell them to the masses, and I can’t even tell that they’re trying to sell them. If the Lion comes to the F150, I’ll predict today that it’ll be offered at a minimum $40K MSRP, versus an base F150 that comes in at or about $27K MSRP. See, one doesn’t have to be very good at math to realize that a diesel ain’t worth that much.

    It’s not necessary that a well-designed diesel have a quick payoff versus the base gas engine or that the price of the fuel stay w/I fifty cents per gallon of regular unleaded for the technology to succeed in America, because many Americans have learned and understand the benefits of diesel power beyond possible fuel savings, including that many Americans have driven and prefer the low-end torque and easy-going manner of well-designed diesels to gas-powered engines that have to downshift and run high RPM to get power. However, there needs to be a cost solution that will allow OEMs to get that premium around the $4,000 mark, where the fuel-saving diesel can be offered in all trims and configurations, which is absolutely not the case today, and considering how advanced the Lion diesel is, I don’t see this diesel being a game changer. Below are the examples of light-duty diesels so far, which explains the lack of market penetration.

    Colorado/Canyon 2.8 I4 Duramax. Truck line starts at less than $21K MSRP, but the cheapest Colorado/Canyon with a Duramax precludes many would-be customers, requiring one to choose it with all the active safety and towing options and only in a crew cab configurations with a starting price at or about $34K MSRP. That’s a thirteen thousand dollar spread, and is not the truck that most buyers want when looking at a compact. Especially when one considers that this little four banger puts out only 181 horsepower, a number very useful for a fuel efficiency-conscious owner who wants to commute with his or her truck and use it for light-duty tasks; not a horsepower number for the heavy-hauler, tow-er, which GM has decided is the only customer for this power train.

    Ram Ecodiesel. This time it’s a mid-size V6 diesel in a half-ton truck, producing a respectable, but not high-performing, 240 horsepower with loads of torque. But you can’t have this power train in a reasonably-configured and featured truck where the fuel-conscious truck buyers would want to jump in. Instead, the Ecodiesel starts at an extra cab and up and at $38.5K and up on a truck line that starts at or about $26.5K; both MSRP. This time, the starting diesel price is about $12K above the starting Ram 1500 price.

    And then lastly, there is one other choice in diesels besides the big house pullers in the heavy-duty pickup category that get horrible mpg and are all about winning the performance wars that the OEMs are having with each other. That choice is the commercial vans. There are more basic diesels offered in three brands of these, but these vehicles, with diesels are also limited on what one can have when opting for a diesel, and even though those diesels are iron blocks and simpler cylinder arrangements, the premiums are over $5K and are limited to vans and wagons, unless someone were willing to give up $34K or more for a cab chassis w/o a body for a very basic truck. As an example, the Ford Transit, PowerStroke I5 comes in at or about $5,700 above the base 3.7-liter V6 in equal configuration.

    There has to be a technological breakthrough to make the economics work for diesels through a less costly way to make them emission compliant. Otherwise, even a hybrid with two separate fuel tanks and two separate drive systems per vehicle, working in parallel, will win out over a diesel from a cost standpoint. And when you think about it, that’s sort of crazy that it could be that way in the market, but the emission hurdles are just so high right now with respect to NOx, and as VW recently learned, cheating on them doesn’t work out either.

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