Stall Recovery on the Ford Focus RS

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Ford Focus RS will Come With Stall Recovery

Ford Focus RS will Come With Stall Recovery

When Ford took the wraps off the third-generation Ford Focus RS earlier this year, it was clear that this was a very special vehicle. Then the blue oval automaker really got our attention by announcing that the Focus RS would officially be sold in America for the first time. Ford has slowly been telling us more details about this new hot hatchback as its release continues to get closer. For example, we just found out that the Ford Focus RS will come with Stall Recovery technology, which is an all-new feature from Ford. We’ll tell you everything that we know so far about the new stall recovery on the Ford Focus RS in this article.

2016-Ford-Focus-RS-0-to-60-Time-and-Top-SpeedWhen it comes to performance, the Ford Focus RS is simply unmatched by the competition. It’s all-new EcoBoost engine is able to produce an unprecedented 350 horsepower with 350 pound-feet of torque. However, the new 2016 Ford Focus RS is also utilizing all-new technology features to improve its performance as well. One of the best examples of this is the new Stall Recovery feature that Ford has developed for the car. Essentially this technology works by quickly restarting the engine when it stalls out. All that you need to do is push in the clutch when the car stalls out and the engine will automatically turn back on.

What is the 2016 Ford Focus RS 0 to 60 Time and top Speed

According to Engineering and Vehicle Manager, Ford Performance Europe, Tyrone Johnson, “We knew we wanted to put start-stop technology on the RS. So we said, what if we went one step further, and controlled for engine stall at launch using the same technology? Well, that’s exactly what we did and it’s just as fast as our start-stop technology.”

Ford is set to begin production on next-generation 2016 Ford Focus RS later this year, and we are very excited. Feel free to visit us here at Matt Ford if you have any additional questions about this amazing new hot hatchback.

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