EcoBoost Engines Deliver Balance of Power and Efficiency

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How EcoBoost Engines Achieve High Fuel Efficiency Ratings

Just about every new engine finding its way into the Ford lineup is getting the highly sought-after EcoBoost badge, which serves as a symbol of performance and economy. Because the capabilities of the engines are so impressive, Ford continues to improve the technology, and it’s only helping to increase the abilities of their vehicles. EcoBoost engines are helping to improve Ford vehicles, but to show you exactly why the engines are so beneficial, we thought we would take a closer look at how the powertrains operate.

how-ecoboost-engines-achieve-high-fuel-efficiency-ratings-turbocharged-cylinders-badge-awdOne of the first questions that we seem to get here at Matt Ford has all to do with how EcoBoost engines achieve high fuel efficiency ratings. The answer to that question is though the number of cylinders that the engines come equipped with. While most automakers are using larger V8 engines, and even some V6 options, Ford is keeping the number of cylinders down, as less cylinders equates to higher fuel economy.

That is pretty much it. Most people believe that EcoBoost engines use highly-advanced trade secrets and high-tech methods to achieve their high efficiency ratings, but the concept is much simpler than you may expect. Just dropping the number of cylinders is not enough to qualify it as an EcoBoost engine, however. That’s because EcoBoost engines are not only extremely fuel efficient, they are also extremely powerful.

Again, the efficiency ratings of EcoBoost engines are impressive, but one of the reasons that EcoBoost engines are so different from the others it that they are able to deliver those efficiency ratings without sacrificing performance. So how exactly are the engines able to strike a balance between power and fuel economy? EcoBoost engines come turbocharged, allowing them to make up for the slight drop in cylinders.

Essentially what this means is that the smaller four-cylinder engines are able to deliver the fuel economy ratings of a four-cylinder engine, but are able to deliver the power outputs of a larger V6. The same goes for the EcoBoost V6 engines. They achieve the power ratings that are typically only found in larger V8 engines, but they still are able to stretch a gallon of fuel as far as six-cylinder engines typically can.

As we said, the reason that EcoBoost engines are able to achieve such high fuel efficiency ratings is a lot more simple that you would expect. Just because there is not a great deal of high-tech systems poured into the engines does not mean that they are not impressive. Ford is able to do a lot more with a lot less, and as they didn’t pour a great deal of resources into the development of the engines, they are also affordable.


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