Is Ford Bringing the Ranger and Bronco Back to the U.S?

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Ford Ranger and Bronco Rumors

Ford Ranger and Bronco Rumors

There have been a lot of truly iconic vehicles throughout the long and successful history of the Ford Motor Company. Two of the most popular models of all time are the Ford Bronco, and the Ford Ranger. Unfortunately, neither of those vehicles are produced here in the United States anymore. However, that may be changing in the near future, and fans of the Ford brand are already getting excited about it. There have been rumors swirling around the automotive industry that Ford may be bringing back the Bronco SUV and Ranger pickup truck. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate this article to telling you everything that we know so far about these Ford Ranger and Bronco rumors.

Ford Ranger and Bronco RumorsFirst of all, it’s important for us to mention that none of this information has been officially confirmed by Ford yet. They do not discuss future model plans, and this situation is no exception to that. Therefore, all of the information that we are going to present in this article is speculation and rumor-based only.

It is no secret that Ford will be moving the production of the C-Max from Michigan to Mexico after 2018, and that Ford and the UAW are working on figuring out which models will replace the C-Max at that assembly plant. Supposedly, the Ford Ranger and Bronco may be the models that will replace the C-Max at that Michigan plant, which would be very exciting.

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The Detroit Free Press quoted an anonymous source who is close to the negotiations who has said that the Ford Ranger will begin production at the Michigan plant by 2020, and the Bronco would be following shortly after. However, the source was not allowed to comment publicly on that information yet.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that this information turns out to be true, because we would love to have the Bronco and Ranger back in our showrooms here at Matt Ford. We will be sure to provide you with additional details about this story as they become available.

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