How Many Boxes of Cereal Can Fit Inside a Ford?

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Storage Capacities of Ford Vehicles

Here on the Matt Ford blog we spend a lot of time discussing the impressive storage capacities of Ford vehicles, but we realize that trying to picture what 60 or 80 cubic feet of storage space looks like can be quite difficult. That’s why we have decided to make it easier for you to imagine the storage space by converting the dimensions to numbers that are a little more understandable—a little easier to consume, if you will. Everyone knows how big a cereal box is, so we’re going to let you know how many boxes of cereal that you could store in some of the Ford vehicles available in our new car inventory.

Let’s start with the math. We’ve decided to use the dimensions of an average, 12-ounce cereal box:

L x W x D = V

11 x 7 5/8 x 2¾ = 230.65625 in3

in3/1728 = ft3

230.65625/1728 = .13348162615 ft3

So a typical cereal box, the one that you can find in your pantry, takes up roughly .13 cubic feet of space. Now, let’s take a look at how many boxes of cereal some of the Ford vehicles can fit—we’ll just call it the cereal number.

Ford Vehicle Storage Capacities

[table id=1 /]

As you would imagine, the Ford Transit Connect has the largest cereal number. Boasting the capacity to take on over 1000 boxes of cereal, the Transit Connect is a great vehicle for those who require a ridiculous amount of storage space. However, the Transit Connect has such a large capacity as it’s designed as a commercial vehicle.

If you’re looking for superior storage space in a more practical car, you’ll likely find that the 2014 Ford Explorer is the SUV for you. Capable of taking on over 600 cereal boxes with the second- and third-row seats collapsed, you can fit just about anything inside of the Ford Explorer. Loading the SUV is also easier than ever as the third-row seat can be folded with the touch of a button.

All of the vehicles listed above are currently available in our new car inventory. We hope that the cereal numbers provided you with a better idea of just how impressive the storage capacities of Ford vehicles are, but if you really want to discover just how spacious the vehicles are, we suggest that you schedule a test drive so that you can get the first-hand experience of the space and versatility of each Ford vehicle.


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