2019 Ford F-150 Kansas City, MO

When the market comes up with the idea of a new car or vehicle, it is prepared and designed while keeping the target audience in mind. Will the car be needed by students, officials, cargo personals, a mom of 5 or tough individuals who need a power packed car to meet their adventurous souls and routines. A successful manufacturing company comes up with products that are capable of catering the needs of all. Ford is one such dealership that has managed and succeeded in developing cars, trucks and vehicles in general that caters to the needs of one and all. Ford F-150 is one such remarkable creations of Ford that comes in a variety of models and trim levels to cater a large audience.
F-150 can easily be called the monster truck. It is the king of all trucks and has the capability of making the hard and difficult jobs look easy and a piece of cake. Whether you are working on the field (with heavy machinery and uneven paths) or hitting the road for a fun filled weekend (recreation with the family on the mountainous terrain) Ford F-150 is your go to vehicle. Big, monstrous, powerful, spacious and heavy duty; this truck presents the power to efficiently perform every other task. From towing a trailer to stocking up on the cargo, it can do it all. The best thing about this monster truck is that is able to provide everything to everyone. The features, specs and characteristics that it has to offer are numerous and rather baffling. These enormous trucks are manufactured in a number of places but available exclusively at our Kansas City dealership.
Ford F-150 is the need of the hour because it posses the capability to cater a wide range of audience unlike any other vehicle and model. Due to this reason, Ford has invested a lot of effort, time and finances for the development of the Ford F-150 2019, which promises to be the truck of the modern times. It is stylish, spacious, economical, affordable and convenient. It has been especially designed with state of the art convenience, safety and technology features that makes it the best and worthy of beating the competitors.

What are the features of the Ford F-150?

The gigantic Ford F-150 comes in a wide variety of trim levels. Ranging from the V-6, V-8, diesel, twin-turbocharged, normally aspirated, 6-speed automatic, 10-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, regular cab, super cab, super crew cab, base trim, in-between trim to luxury trim, F-150s come in all shapes and sizes (quite literally). What makes the F-150 one of Ford’s most prized possessions is its power, safety, comfort and strength. The features that make this truck a class apart is:

The sturdy and solid steel frame (that adds to the endurance of the truck) is covered by the aluminum body (that provides the strength but without the weight) to reduce the weight which eventually makes the truck more efficient and quick.

⦁ The ride of Ford F-150 is extremely smooth without any bounces and jerks but the handling on the other hand is reasonably sharp. The driver feels like driving a massive truck (not an easy job right!).

⦁ Making the truck ideal for off-ride rides is the Electronic Shift on fly system (ESOF). This system is so efficient that it literally turns the 4 wheel drive as easy as turning a dial.

⦁ Making this truck the off road king are special features such as Terrain Management System and monotube shocks that provide maximum control and enhanced safety.

⦁ Ample and secure storage space inside the cabin when you need it.

⦁ LED lighting available essentially anywhere for your convenience.

⦁ An eight inch LCD (productivity screen) provides easy and reliable access to critical information right in front of the driver. No need to turn heads hence making it more secure.

⦁ Camera coverage from a 360 degree angle accompanied by split display. Thus providing you a complete view of your surroundings.

⦁ Smart sensing of the traffic ahead with the adaptive cruise control feature (stop and go).

⦁ The available Lane-Keeping System can assist you to stay in your lane even in the heart of distractions without controlling the steering.

This along with many other features makes the new Ford F-150 2019 the most reliable, strong and heavy duty truck. It also comes with blind spot analysis that aids heavily in driving and also helps you react to the unexpected.

What about the engine specifications?

The Ford F-150 comes with 2.7 L, 3.5 and 3.3 L Turbocharged Eco Boost Engine Variants, ensuring a power packed experience. The advanced 10-speed automatic transmission is available with five selectable drive modes. Along with proven durability time and economy too.
The 2018 model of this massive truck came with a V-6 engine that provided 325 horsepower coupled with a torque of 400 pound-feet. This all new V-6 engines outnumbered and out powered the previously used V-8 engine. The V-6 engine in the previous model provided a capacity of 3.3 liters but the all new twin-turbo V-6 in Ford F-150 2019 comes with a massive capacity of 3.5 liters and is a lot more powerful. It produces a 375 horsepower and a torque of 470 pound-feet. But hold onto your hat: in the Limited and Raptor models, it's tuned to make 450 hp and 510 lb-ft. Even with all that power, it still manages to get 17/23/19 mpg and that to with four-wheel drive, which is beyond impressive.

How much 2019 Ford F150 costs?

Ford F-150 comes in seven variants XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Raptor, Platinum and Limited with a base price of $28,155 for XL, $34,160 for XLT, $42,200 for Lariat, $52,390 for King Ranch, $52,885 for Raptor, $54,920 for Platinum and $67,135 for Limited.
Overall, the 2019 Ford F150 gives an ultimate driving experience with multifaceted smart safety features making it a force to be reckoned with in its class. It outweighs its rivals when it comes to toughness and elegance alike, safety, comfort, economy and off-road driving experience. No doubt in its class of vehicles it is rightly the uncrowned KING. Visit Matt Ford of Kansas City for all the latest deals and incentives


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