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Ford Escape made its entry in the world of cars in the year 2000 and during that time the world of SUV only consisted of 5 other vehicles. The variety was less and so was the competition. But the all new Ford Escape 2020, which is all set to launch in the fall of 2019, will be making its entry into a world of SUV’s that has more than 30 models and fellow competitors. This wide variety of SUV’s are competing for whatever market value and recognition they can achieve and also what is available in the market. It can be easily said that the SUV market has changed by leaps and bounds and the all new Ford Escape needs to be power packed with features and specs, if it wishes to make it big in the SUV world. Especially talking about the current time and age where SUV is the most talked about segment, anything short of brilliant cannot survive.
From what has been revealed about the all new Ford Escape 2020, it is safe to say that it will be targeting the competitors like Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue and Toyota RAV4 to compete with them in the market. The specs and features provided in this new SUV giant will be no less than the best. Ford also wishes to conquer the international competitors such as Mazda CX and Subaru Forester with this release.
Prior to the release of this model the Ford Escape was considered as one of the most economical cars or at least among the range that Ford offers but with the new Ford Escape all set to launch this fall, prices are expected to rise by a minimum of $780 but with great quality comes a great price tag. So if Ford succeeds in delivering what it claims the all new Ford Escape to be, there is no force big enough to stop the new model from reigning supreme in the world of SUV’s and will be available exclusively in our Kansas City dealership.

What features can we expect in Ford Escape 2020?

The marketing and manufacturing team at Ford, claim the all new Ford Escape to be the perfect crossover SUV. The officials at Ford have managed to create the much needed hype around the launch of the all new Ford Escape and we really hope that it lives up to the hype. But what can we actually expect from the new Ford Escape:

⦁ The top feature related to the new ford Escape is the digital display on the windshield. All the required information and data is displayed on the windshield and the driver does not have to look away to have a glance at the screen. Definitely a top feature and one that increases the safety measure too.

⦁ Ford Escape 2020 will be one of the most spacious crossovers with a back leg space of 38.8 inches and additional cargo space; it will be a massively spacious and comfortable vehicle. In hybrid models, the rear seats can even be moved along the rail to customize space.
⦁ The crossover market is highly competitive and the new Ford Escape is a huge step in the forward direction. With this model, Ford promises to deliver enhanced efficiency, increased space, double the comfort and easier handling.

⦁ The model is supposedly coming wrapped up in a sheet metal that completely differs from the models that it precedes. The styling and body is completely different this time and comes with a new platform, style, features and power trains.

⦁ Ford Escape is the first Ford venture that is actually not a truck and given the extensive sales of crossovers, this was much needed for Ford. Understanding the importance and need of the hour, Ford has made sure the new Escape is a force to reckon with; the styling, the features, the specs under the hood are all out class.

⦁ Ford is coming up with four different flavors of the all new Ford Escape 2020 and you have the freedom to choose from what suits you the best.

⦁ Ford Escape pays special emphasis on safety and will be offering automatic high-beam headlamps, blind-spot monitoring along with rear cross-traffic alert, assistance to keep the lane and smart emergency brake system that comes equipped with pedestrian detection.


What is under the hood of Ford Escape 2020?

As I mentioned before, the all new Ford Escape 2020 will be available in 4 power train options and will be available at our Kansas City dealership. The first two models come with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that has 3 cylinders and possess the capability to produce 180 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque. With the all new Ford Escape 2020, Ford for the very first time has presented the ability to deactivate the cylinder and drive the car with a 2 cylinder engine. The next model comes with a 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder engine producing a horsepower of 250 and maximum torque of 275 pound-feet.
Apart from these two models with a 3 and 4 cylinder engine respectively, two new hybrid models are also available. These models have the 4 cylinder engine with 2.5 liter engine capacity. These engines work on the Atkinson cycle to produce and provide the needed electric power supply. The Ford officials claim that the hybrid models will be able to provide 198 horsepower coupled with a torque of 153 pound-feet. The new plug in Ford Escape is the talk of the town and the officials claim it to go a full 30 mile on full charge.

I am sure that you want to know about the Ford Escape MPG values. EPA still hasn’t released them, but it is likely to be around 43MPG. However, hybrid versions are likely to be much more efficient. Ford officials although have intrigued the fans and Ford enthusiast about the upcoming models but remained rather tight lipped regarding the fuel efficiency of the upcoming model, along with some other specs. Ford Escape 2020 will be able to achieve the claimed and expected fuel efficiency because it has dropped a lot of weight and is almost 200 pounds lighter. So, let’s say that some versions of it will tip the scales at 3,299 pounds.

What about the mechanical specifications?

The all new Ford Escape 2020 will be available in S, SE, SE Sport, SEL and Titanium trim levels. Each model will come with its own set of features and specifications and definitely a different price tag. The basic Ford Escape in S trim level will be available in approximately $25,980 and the price tag will increase with each trim level and added number of features and additives. Such as the trim level SE will cost a sum amount of $28,190 and the SEL level will come at a price of $30,350. Not a bad price to pay for special features such as fog lamps, heated steering wheel and remote start. So if you are willing to invest in this crossover of the future, come and have a look at our Kansas City dealership and enjoy a ride. 

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