2020 Ford Transit Kansas City

The market is full of options and choices that can cater to the car needs of everyone. If you are college student looking for a smart drive or a mom looking for a handy van or an office going man who demands something convenient and efficient, the market has it all. But what purchase you make is greatly affected and influenced by the brand name associated with each of these vehicles. Ford is a pioneer. In car industry, Ford has stood long and tall for years and years now. It has slowly but surely ventured in all classes and categories of cars. The latest addition in the Ford family is the all new Transit. As per the statement of the Ford officials, the New Ford Transit set to launch in 2020 will be the car that suits everyone.

If you are a business owner, or a busy mom or a hiker, you will end up buying the new Ford Transit because it is a car that has been designed and developed for everyone. The amazing specs and features facilitate everyone. Transit has been designed in such a way that it is convenient, classy and comfortable all in the same time. Although the transit was first launched almost five years ago but the 2020 version, set to be released this fall is a better and modified version of the previous one. The biggest change is going to be the inclusion of AWD system that was much anticipated and desired among the van family.

What does the Ford 2020 transit offer?

AWD system is the all wheel drive that means that the drive can be either engaged to be in the rear wheel mode or 4 wheel modes. The great thing about 2020 transit is that it provides versatility and efficiency on the go. It offers:

  • Some great driver assist technologies
  • A cargo space that is always work ready
  • And better power train options.

In areas where the drive is difficult owing to climate changes and other driving challenges, the new Ford transit with AWD is going to be a life changer with the options of three engines and different body and roof lengths (depending upon the usage requirement).

 Ford Transit is meant to actually help you reach your destination and not just leave for that destination. It comes with special sensors and smart detectors that have the power and capability to foresee and accurately predict the condition of the road along with making accurate real time calculations regarding the speed and throttle. These predictions based on reliable calculations are then transferred to the system that produces the required quantity of power and torque. Another great feature regarding the Ford transit is that in normal drive, it enhances and maximizes the torque output and transfers all of it to the front wheels to avoid accidents due to slipping. This feature makes Ford Transit a perfect fit for Mud, Ruts and Slippery tracks because it provides smart sensing to adjust accordingly and avoid accidents.

Distinctive Features of 2020 Ford Transit

In today’s world and age where everything is in a rush, driving is no exception. There are distractions which ultimately lead to the loss of concentration. To aid with these issues, Ford transit will be coming with a lot of driver assisted features such as adaptive cruise control. This feature will enable the driver to set the distance from the vehicle ahead and the rest will be taken care of. Once this mode is turned on, the vehicle will be able to automatically accelerate or stop in order to maintain the set distance providing comfort and ease to the driver especially in long and tiring drives.

Engine and Mechanical Features

The new Ford Transit comes with 3 different engines to choose from. Whatever suits your work requirements and demands can be selected. It comes with a           3.5L PFDI V6 engine that provides a solid base of power through the port fuel and direct injection capabilities. The other option is of 3.5L Ecoboost engine that provides turbo charging and self injection making it extremely cost and fuel effective vehicle. Thirdly and most recently a direct-injected 2.0L 1-4 Ecoblue bi turbo diesel engine is also available.

Both of these engines come with an Auto Start and stop technology that brings the car to a standstill with just a push button which makes up for less fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. Moreover, a 10 speed automatic transmission helps each category of engine in the Transit lineup and in providing flawless and seamless shifting.

Ford Transit is all about convenience and ease. With three different roof heights to suit your needs and adjustable sliding passenger doors, this van will be a revolution and a life saver for many. Depending on the weight and quantity of your cargo, Ford Transit comes with the potential to help and serve everyone and anyone.

Why invest in Ford Transit?

Transit is just not an ordinary passenger van that has the power to carry your cargo too but it is associated with Ford. It has a name, legacy and reputation to carry; the reputation and legacy of serving all of your needs and taking you where you need to go. In order to fulfill the customer’s needs and requirements the all new Ford Transit set for release was tested rigorously and under extreme circumstances. Under whether alterations and the bumpier of the tracks, Ford Transit has won on all grounds and prospects. The deeper you look and the wider you search, Ford Transit is the answer to all of your van, cargo and travel needs.



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