The New Shelby GT500 in Kansas City, MO

Ford has built a name and reputation for itself over the years. The vehicles are state of the art classic pieces with features that are unique, distinct and out of this world. The Shelby GT500 is one such classic that has in the past left every car lover and admirer spell bound because of its amazing features and out of this world specs and engine power. Throwback to almost 5 years in 2014 where the last model of Shelby GT500 was launched and everyone was awestruck by the Shape, specs, engine functionality, horsepower and other mechanical features. Fast forward to 2020 and the customers and car lovers are getting ready to be hypnotized again by the absolutely amazing features and specs Ford has promised to deliver.

Ford has finally spilled the beans on the most amazing and spectacular street legal car ever and the specs and features are drool worthy.

What can be expected from the new Shelby GT500?

The official spokesperson of Ford has confirmed that the new Shelby release will be providing a ravishing 760 horsepower and a healthy quantity of torque (almost 625 pound/feet). The car will be nothing short of amazing from the front and all the way to the back. It is bound to be a crowd pleaser and a wish list item owing to the magnificent 760 horsepower engine supercharged 5.2L v8 under that hood.Mustang is a stylish sports car offered by Ford that offers some remarkable features. The car is an extremely comfortable car to drive with comfort and convenience features such as:

  • Keyless Entry
  • Climate Control
  • Rear Parking Sensor and Camera
  • Push Button Start
  • Paddle Shift and Cruise Control
  • 6 Speed Paddle Shift
  • 12V Power Outlets
  • HID Lights with front and rear fog lamps

Talking about the interior of the car, the front seat and cockpit has a carbon-fiber instrument-panel appliqué and the door panels are presented in faux suede that has stitching of accent style. The new Shelby also comes with optional racing seats with enough side bolsters and pass through to enable safety harnesses that provide maximum grip for security and safety. Ina addition the car also comes with a 8.4 inch U-connect central touch screen, that can be used to display various performance characteristics and other vital drive time information.

Shelby GT500 2020 is bound to make a stylish appearance in a range of color options. The sports car will definitely be a style statement but will also come with a broad spectrum of safety and security options. The care will be instilled with air bags (driver and passenger air bags both), brake assistance and hill assistance, engine immobilizer, warning indicator (average fuel efficiency, lo fuel morning, seat belt warning, GPS Navigation and selectable drive modes to name a few. It can safely said that if Ford offers a car that provides unbelievable horsepower and life than it also provides the safety measures needed to ride the car in its true and maximum potential.

What is under the hood?

This is the part where most of the reader, viewers and customers are interested in. Sure that the color, shape and appearance matters but what’s hidden inside the hood is the question almost everyone is interested in.

Talking about the engine of the new Shelby Gt5000 the Ford officials have said that the ultimate sports car will be able to reach the 60mph mark in less than 3 seconds (WOAH!) and complete the quarter mile run in even less than 11 seconds (spectacular right!). All the produced thrust is transferred to the rear wheel due to the structure made up of aluminum alloy keeping the weight down and the absolutely amazing dual-clutch transmission makes it possible to change gears in less than a mind-blowing 100 milliseconds. The engine is a super 5.2 liter V-8 that has the power and strength to produce a ravishing 760 horsepower and 625 pounds of healthy torque.


Despite of all the amazing specs being offered by Ford in one the most anticipated releases, a big point of concern for reviewers and car enthusiasts is that although Shelby Gt500 is a street car, people investing into it and riding it don’t eventually comprehend how to handle all that muscle and power but for those of you who are interested and can deal with the massive and magnificent power and muscle can enjoy a supercharged V-8 motor, Magneride suspension, Brembo brakes and other electronic toys such as launch control and line-lock launching. Ford still hasn’t released all the specs and information about the ultimate sports car latest model but keeping up the reputation and high standards of Ford, it can be safely stated that Shelby GT500 will be the bomb. From the slightly revised shape, to the classy interiors, to the brilliant engine specification and finally the safety features, this is one to watch out for.

Why is Shelby GT500 the ultimate sports car?

Better, bigger and brilliant the Shelby GT500 is jam-packed with features and the specifications are nothing short of spectacular. The newer version will offer some revisions and modifications such as a lighter body (use of aluminum alloy, option to remove rear seat), an adjustable carbon-fiber GT4 wing for increased down force combined with unique springs and anti roll bars that can lower the car for added ease and convenience.

Although the exact price of this new classic is yet surface but keeping the competitors trend in mind and the market value of sports car, it has been estimated that the price range of Shelby Gt500 will be approximately around $70,000. Heavy on the pocket but if you are an admirer and a fan and have it in you to handle all that muscle and power while having a blast, there can never be a better sports car as the new Shelby GT500.



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