Versatility Comes Standard in the 2014 Ford Escape

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2014 Ford Escape Specs and Features

There comes a time when your family is just too small for a sedan, and that’s where the Ford Escape comes into play. Much like a sedan, the Escape offers seating for up to five passengers, but it features a larger cabin that allows your passengers to sit more comfortably. In addition to size, the SUV offers more in terms of versatility, which is easy to see when looking at the 2014 Ford Escape specs and features.

As we mentioned when looking at the impressive 2014 Ford Escape towing capacity, the crossover comes with the choice of three different engines—all of which are able to provide an appealing mix of both power and efficiency. That’s especially true for the available 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter engines which come equipped with the highly sought-after EcoBoost technology, helping to increase the fuel economy ratings.

2014-ford-escape-exterior-specs-features-cargo-area-versatileThe engine options are not the only aspects that sweeten the pot, however. Not by a long shot. As we said earlier, the Escape is larger than most of the sedans on the market, and by larger we mean nearly double the size. Behind the second row of seats, the Escape has space for 34.3 cubic feet of cargo. Many of the full-size sedans on the market have trunk volumes that top out at just under 20 cubic feet, so it’s easy to see that when it comes to space, the Ford Escape simply cannot be beat.

The benefits of the 2014 Ford Escape cargo area don’t end there, however. The second row of seats has a split-folding seatback that can be configured in multiple ways and allow you to both seat and store. If the seat isn’t occupied and the seatback is completely collapsed, the 2014 Ford Escape is able to take on nearly 67.8 cubic feet of cargo, which is not far off from some of the larger SUVs in the Ford lineup.

As you can imagine, accessing the 2014 Ford Escape cargo area is also easier than ever. Not only does the seatback fold with a great deal of ease, but when you’re loading up the cargo area, there are a few features that add to the SUV’s overall level of convenience. That includes the foot-activated liftgate which allows the back hatch to open with the swipe of your foot when the key fob is nearby. So, if you have a full load in your hands and aren’t able to reach the keys in your purse or pocket, the 2014 Ford Escape has you covered.

The specs and features of the 2014 Ford Escape are undoubtedly impressive, but the capabilities that we just mentioned above only make up a fraction of what the Escape is able to do. To fully experience the 2014 Ford Escape, we highly suggest that you schedule a test drive here at Matt Ford. We have a few models of the SUV in our new car inventory and would be more than happy to show you around the spacious cabin of the versatile 2014 Ford Escape in Kansas City MO.


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