Ford Calls on K-9 Keegan to Help Unveil New 2016 Police Interceptor

By Admin | Posted in Commercial Vehicles on Monday, February 16th, 2015 at 5:39 pm

2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Specs and Features

One of the most widely-discussed Chicago Auto Show debuts was the one that took place on the Ford stage. As we told you just last week, the automaker unveiled their new Explorer-based fleet vehicle in the Windy City, and although there was a great deal of interest in the design of the new vehicle, the way that they chose to unveil the Interceptor had a lot to do with the reason that so many were discussing the SUV.

Rather than having the sheet pulled by human hands, Ford had assistance from Keegan, a three-year-old female Belgian Malinois from Chicago. When the time to unsheath the Police Interceptor came, Keegan took the sheet in her mouth and ran to her trainer, giving the world the first official look at the fleet vehicle.

It comes as no surprise that Ford decided to debut the 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility in Chicago, as they will be producing all of the vehicles at their Chicago Assembly Plant, and will be shipping them from the plant to markets all across the world. Seeing as the first Interceptor vehicle released back in 2012 quickly became the best-selling police vehicle, the addition of new features also comes as no surprise.

We looked at some of the new specs and features of the Interceptor in our initial look last week, but now that it has been officially unveiled, we know even more about what it will contain when it arrives later this summer. The automaker has said that the next generation model was created with hands-on input from a variety of law enforcement professionals from Ford’s Police Advisory Board. As it was built to handle the extreme rigors of police duty, it’s one of the most customer-centric, purpose-built vehicles made by Ford.

If you are interested in learning more about some of the highlights of the new fleet vehicle, we encourage you to check out the graphics that we have provided below. It’s a quick and easy way of seeing what the 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility is capable of. We won’t be selling these vehicles here at Matt Ford, but as we mentioned earlier, we will start to see them hitting the streets as soon as this summer.

interceptor-tech-to-get-the-job-done interceptor-sales-leadership interceptor-purpose-built interceptor-behind-the-wheel

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