Diesel Engines Provide Number of Beneficial Advantages

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Advantages and Benefits of Diesel vs Gas Engines

As of right now, there aren’t many Ford models that offer diesel engines, but as we told you with our recent look at the Ford F-150 V6 diesel engine, the automaker may be offering more diesel engines under the hoods of their vehicles as the demand for the highly sought-after engines only continues to rise. In preparation for the day that more diesel engines make their way into Ford vehicles, we’ve decided to take a look at the advantages and benefits of diesel vs gas engines.

If you’re familiar with diesel engines, you likely know that they provide significantly more power than gas engines. It’s for this reason that diesel engines are typically found in large semi and heavy-duty trucks such as the 2014 Ford Super Duty F-250. While the added power is definitely a beneficial aspect of diesel engines, it’s far from the number one reason that more automakers are making the move to offer them in the nose of their vehicles.

Diesel engines are extremely more efficient than gas engines, which is undoubtedly the main reason that more of the engines will begin to be offered here in the states. Diesel is anywhere from 25 to 30 percent more efficient than regular gasoline, allowing the engines to travel much further on a single tank of gas. The added fuel economy comes in addition to the added power, making diesel engines an extremely attractive option.

The downside to diesel engines is that their advanced technology and appealing capabilities often come with a higher price. Diesel engines can come with added costs that are upwards of $4,000, however, they often pay for themselves over time. When you consider the added efficiency, it’s easy to see that diesel engine is capable of saving you a significant amount of money at the pumps. Throughout the life of the engine, the money saved on gas definitely exceeds the added $4,000 price.

As you can see, the advantages and benefits of diesel vs gas engines are quite phenomenal. With added power and efficiency, it would only make sense that Ford, a company known for power and efficiency will hop on the diesel bandwagon. For more information on diesel engines finding their way under the hood of Ford models, be sure to check back here on the Matt Ford blog in the future where we will have more information as it’s made available.

We will also provide you with more information on the “Lion” V6 diesel engine, which is likely to supplement the already-extensive and capable line of engines found in the best-selling Ford F-150. Since the competition is beginning to offer diesel, it won’t be long before Ford follows suit, and as the automaker has already engineered a number of diesel engines, you can expect the benefits, advantages and capabilities of Ford’s consumer-grade engine to be class-leading like always.


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