Switch Up Your Easter Decor With These Creative Egg Alternatives

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Alternatives to Traditional Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter is coming up quickly, which means that now is a great time to get all of your supplies set for your annual Easter egg decorating. If you’re looking to switch up your methods from the standard dyes and stickers, we have a good feeling that you’ll find these alternatives to traditional dyed Easter eggs are extremely helpful. They’re a great way of showing off a little bit of your creative side.

While dyeing regular eggs can be a lot of fun, and can make for great decorations or an appealing centerpiece, they only last for a couple of days when sitting at room temperature. If you’re looking for a more long-term decorating solution, there are some great ways of making more unconventional Easter eggs that can last for years. Here are a few creative ideas that we have found, which are not only easy to make, but cost-effective as well.

alternative-easter-egg-decorating-ideas-tricksOne of the most cost-effective alternative solutions is to go with a natural, eco-friendly Easter egg. These two methods are also perfect for getting the family involved. Head to a wooded area, or check out the backyard and collect pinecones and egg-shaped rocks. When you shave the needles off of a pinecone, you get a big, egg-shaped cone that can be painted or displayed as is. The possibilities are endless for egg-shaped rocks, which can be painted, or colored and decorated with colored Sharpies.

Another fun project for Easter eggs is to make them yourself. Papier mache eggs are another fun way to get the family involved, and to extend the Easter egg decorating process. Blow up a small balloon and wrap it in papier mache. Once dry, you can paint or color the egg in any way that you please.

You can also glue strips of tissue paper to the egg, similar to the process of making a pinata. For added fun, cut a hole in the papier mache, remove the balloon and fill it with candy. This is also a great method for constructing Easter eggs, as the balloons can be inflated to a variety of sizes to make for a really nice looking spread.

These are just a few alternatives to traditional dyed Easter eggs. There are plenty of alternative methods out there, but we hope that these helped to spark some ideas. The best part about Easter eggs is that no two are alike. Decorating Easter eggs is such a fun process, and we really hope that you take the time to get creative this year. As Easter is coming up on April 20, we suggest that you start hunting, or start purchasing your materials now so that you’re ready for the big day. If you really want to take your Easter egg decorating to a whole nother level, be sure to check out the video that we have provided below, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to make a unique Easter Egg.

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