Ford Named Best-Selling Car Brand for Fifth Straight Year

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Best-Selling Car Brand of 2014 – Ford

When an automaker is able to achieve the highest number of sales in a year, it says something about the vehicles they sell, but it says even more when an automaker is able to claim the highest sales numbers for five straight years. It sounds like quite the feat, but it’s one that Ford accomplished. Last year’s numbers are in and after being tallied up, it turns out that the Blue Oval was the best-selling car brand of 2014.

The race for the top spot was not a close one, either—Ford was able to smoke the competition with a total of 2,480,942 vehicles sold, roughly nine percent of which were sold in the last month of the year alone.

In 2014, Ford posted the best nationwide December sales results since 2005. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that Ford was able to achieve such high numbers is that many of their vehicles received upgrades for the 2014 and 2015 model year. Both the Mustang and the F-150 were completely redesigned, and as they both went on sale in December, the astounding 220,671-unit total for the month makes a lot of sense.

In December alone, 9,511 models of the all-new Mustang rolled off of lots all around America. It seems a bit low compared to the 74,355 2015 Ford F-150 units that were sold, but as soon as the weather warms up a bit, it’s likely that monthly totals for the redesigned pony car will rise significantly. Another top seller was the 2015 Ford Transit, which was another one of the Ford models to receive a redesign last year. The cargo van topped out at 10,030 units in December, making it the most successful month since its launch.

As expected, models with carried-over designs, such as the Ford Escape and Explorer, were able to pull in some steady numbers as they always do, but there is no arguing that it was the new redesigned models in the lineup that really helped to propel Ford into the spot of the best-selling car brand for yet another year.

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