Ford V8 May Be Replaced By EcoBoost V6 in the Future

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Ford EcoBoost V6 vs V8 Engines

There have been quite a few rumors floating around online which state that Ford will be discontinuing their V8 engine after 2017, and although the models that appeared at the Detroit Auto Show seem to show that there is some truth to that statement. Of course we hope that it is not true, but with a closer look at Ford EcoBoost V6 vs V8 engines, it seems that ridding their line of the V8 would actually be quite logical.

If you are unfamiliar with what Ford EcoBoost is, allow us to lay down the basics for you. While many of the engines on the market are naturally aspirated, meaning they rely on sheer size and not turbochargers to help with their total power output, EcoBoost engines are the exact opposite. EcoBoost engines are able to deliver more power with less size as they come turbocharged.

all-new-ford-gt-performance-vehicleWhat this means is that four-cylinders can generate V6-like power and six-cylinder engines can provide V8-like power. The difference is that with the smaller size, the engines are able to provide a great deal of added efficiency. So while the EcoBoost-powered vehicles are able to produce more power, they are able to hold onto the fuel economy ratings that are becoming even more crucial to buyers.

When it is possible to have a V6 engine achieve an output that is competitive with, and in some cases more powerful than, a V8 engine, the choice to use the more fuel efficient six-cylinder option makes a lot of sense. For that reason, there is a good chance that Ford may be making the switch to smaller engines.

The redesigned models of the Ford GT supercar and high-performance Raptor, both of which came with a V8 in the past, were recently unveiled in Detroit, and both were shown with an EcoBoost V6 engine. The outputs have yet to be announced, but the automaker said the V6 of the GT will produce “more than 600 horsepower,” which is far beyond what many naturally-aspirated V8 engines are able to generate.

More power than a V8, and more impressive fuel economy ratings than a V8. With those benefits in mind, it’s not difficult to see exactly why Ford may be replacing all eight-cylinder engines with an EcoBoost V6.

We have yet to hear whether or not the V8 will be discontinued entirely, but with constant pressure from the EPA and with unwavering CAFE laws threatening to take down automakers who are unable to meet the strict new emission standards, there is no arguing that V8 engines are in danger. We will see whether or not they actually make their way to the chopping block like the Ford Flex, but the odds are not looking good for them.

For more information on the future of the Ford V8, be sure to check back here on the Matt Ford blog as we will be sure to provide you with an update as soon as we hear more. We have our fingers crossed that the V8 will be around for years to come, but if the EcoBoost V6 does take control, we fully understand.

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