Save on Service With Ford Owners Advantage Rewards

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Ford Owner Advantage Rewards Program Kansas City MO

The benefits of owning a Ford are endless. Not only do you get the performance that you want, the fuel efficiency that you need and the style that you desire with each and every model, but a slews of other advantages as well. With the Ford Owner Advantage Rewards Program in Kansas City MO, you can get rewarded each and every time you bring your vehicle in for service and signing up for the program is easy.

Before we get into the steps for signing up for Owner Advantage Rewards, let’s take a quick look at all that comes with the program. As we said, the rewards build up everytime that you bring in your vehicle for service. The best part is that every vehicle you own, whether or not it is encrusted with the iconic blue oval, is eligible for the benefits. So, if you have a few different vehicles filling up your garage, it’s quite easy to rack up a slew of rewards in no time at all.

ford-owner-advantage-rewards-program-benefits-matt-ford-kansas-city-moEven if you only have one vehicle, you’ll be sure to appreciate that the rewards begin right away. As soon as you signup, you will receive a $10 bonus that can be used towards a future parts or service purchase. After that, whenever you bring in your vehicle for service here at Matt Ford, you will receive a 5% credit that can be applied to future visits. Also, since changing the oil in your vehicle is extremely important, you can receive a number of different rewards for oil changes, including significantly slashed prices.

If this sounds like something that you would like to take part in, you can register for the program on the Ford website. There is even a specific Matt Ford enrollment form that makes it even easier to sign up without having to stop into our dealership. Once you are signed up, all you have to do is notify one of our expert service technicians and let them know that you’re part of the program. It really is that simple.

On top of all the rewards that come from the Ford Owner Advantage Rewards Program in Kansas City MO, you get the benefit of having our team of certified technicians working on your vehicle. As each one of the members of our service department is trained to deal specifically with Ford vehicles, a growing number of residents in the Greater Kansas City area continue to turn to our dealership for all of their Ford auto service and repair needs.

To see what the buzz is all about, be sure to sign up for the rewards program today. Then, once you’re all set with that, schedule a service appointment here on our website. You can put the $10 enrollment bonus towards your first visit, and we can assure you that you’ll be back as the advantages of the Ford Owner Advantage Rewards Program are truly endless.


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