Ford Set to Release New Driver Assist Safety Feature

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Ford Pedestrian Detection Pre-Collision Assist System

We have spent quite a bit of time discussing the safety of Ford vehicles here on the Matt Ford blog, and while each of the blue oval offerings are able to deliver protection for all passengers, Ford continues to look for ways of improving the systems that they have in place. Most of the features currently found in Ford vehicles protect if an accident occurs, but with the new Ford pedestrian detection pre-collision assist system, the vehicle is able to keep the seatbelts and airbags from ever having to work in the first place.

There are already a number of driver assistance features finding their way into current and upcoming Ford models, such as the active parking assist feature in the 2015 Ford Edge, but it can definitely be argued that the pre-collision assist is the most revolutionary of them all. That’s because the technology will not only be able to alert drivers of impending collisions, but it will be able to apply braking force to help avoid them.

2015-ford-mondeo-pedestrian-detection-system5-600-001It works like this. Behind the rear-view mirror is a windshield-mounted camera that works in tandem with a system of radars beneath the bumper. The feedback from both of the systems is analyzed against a vast database of pedestrian shapes to help distinguish people from typical roadside scenery and objects. It is all in an effort to reduce the shockingly high number of accidents that occur between vehicle and pedestrians.

If there is a person coming towards the vehicle, the technology alerts you with both a visual and audible warning. Fail to make a move and the brake pads move closer to the disc, helping to increase response time. If there is still no response, the brakes are applied automatically, reducing the speed of the vehicle. If the vehicle is traveling too fast to stop in time, the slowed speed at least helps to lessen the impact.

If you have not yet heard of this new system, it’s because it is first making its debut this year. Ford plans to have the pre-collision assist system installed in the 2015 Ford Mondeo, which is available exclusively in Europe, but the automaker has already confirmed that the technology will find its way into models all across the world, so it won’t be long before vehicles here in the North American market begin to offer it.

We have yet to hear of the first Ford vehicle that will offer the system, but seeing as it is already being offered in a 2015 model on the other side of the pond, there is a good chance that it will be made available in the 2015 Ford Edge—which will be the last 2015 model to be released. Although an official release date for the redesigned mid-size SUV is yet to be announced, the Edge is expected to arrive early in 2015.

If you want to learn more about the Ford pedestrian detection pre-collision assist system, we encourage you to check back here on the Matt Ford blog. We will be sure to provide you with additional details as soon as they are made available. We will also provide you with an update when we hear exactly when the technology will be available here in the states, so be sure to check back here in the near future.

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