“Mustang” Earns Spot on List of Most Popular Passwords

By Admin | Posted in Ford Mustang on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 at 5:37 pm

Mustang – Most Common Internet Passwords

Everyone thinks that their password is unique, but after a recent study conducted by SplashData it seems that more than a few people have similar thought patterns when it comes to creating a password. The study found that of all the most common internet passwords, the word “mustang” was the sixteenth most popular option. It was the only car name to have the numbers to make the list of the top 25 passwords.

SplashData, a company which specializes in password management, was not able to name the number of instances in which “mustang” was found, but as it beat out other common passwords such as “Batman” and “Superman,” which came in at 21st and 24th respectively, we would imagine that the pony car served as inspiration for quite a few internet passwords. To be honest, however, we’re not too surprised.

Of course, for security purposes, Ford commented on the situation and expressed that those who use a password that contains the word “mustang” add a few additions to make it more difficult to crack.

“We’re flattered people want to use ‘mustang’ as their password, but alone, it just isn’t strong enough to be secure,” said Keith Moss, Ford Director of Cyber Security. “We encourage people to use ‘mustang,’ but we recommend they strengthen their password by mixing upper and lower case letters, numbers, acronyms and symbols to make it unique.”

Different tips for making the password more secure, and even more personalized include using the model year of your favorite Mustang, the year you bought or sold your Mustang, a snippet of the VIN number or acronyms for modifications that may have been made to your Mustang, such as FRSC for Ford Racing SuperCharger. Ford also suggested that your favorite driving road could help strengthen the password.


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