All-New Ford GT Will Get One-Of-A-Kind Interior

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New 2017 Ford GT Interior Features and Design

Ford vehicles have memorable exteriors, but as owners and their friends and families spend more time in the cabin than they do looking at the outside, the layout and design of the interiors are often considered as much, if not more than the exteriors. That is especially true for the Ford GT, one of the latest models to be announced. According to Ford, the supercar is the start of a push for even more impressive interiors.

Ford recently made it known that the new 2017 Ford GT interior features and design will be influenced by a number of new research and measurement methods that specifically focus on how people look at new cars and trucks. Some of the techniques being utilized include eye tracking and measuring where eyesight lingers the longest. With that data, Ford is able to know what areas they should spend more time on.

all-new-ford-gt-interior-features-designMoray Callum, the Vice President of Design at the Ford Motor Company, explained that although Ford interiors have been impressive in the past, they hope to make changes that help to reinvent their vehicles.

“Over the past few years, we have gained some incredible momentum with our designs,” Callum said. “As we move forward, we need to build on and evolve what we have achieved so far to continue to deliver exciting and fresh solutions. The interior design of the GT builds on existing DNA and pushes it forward.”

With all of that in mind, three principles were generated that helped to motivate the interior features and design of the 2017 Ford GT. The principles created by the design team of the GT were as follows:

Clarity of intent – highlighting focused areas of functionality

Innovation – pushing the boundaries of innovation to develop new designs and keep changing the way the world moves

Connection – establishing a connection with the driver through more compact, more intuitive technology

There are a few things that sprung from these new principles. Ford has said that the technology of the GT has been organized in a certain way that allows to driver to access everything they need without moving their hand. The instrument panel has been given a two-tier step design that helps to open up the cabin and materials have been meticulously chosen to ensure that there is a balance between comfort and durability.

As of right now, the actual interior features of the 2017 Ford GT have yet to be made known, but judging by the picture that the automaker has attached to the supercar, the one seen above, we have a good feeling that they will be just as impressive as the new interior design itself. Be sure to keep an eye out for elements of the GT interior in other, future Ford models, as this one is sure to inspire vehicles for years to come.


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