There are Many Reasons to Buy a Ford Mustang

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Six Reasons to Own a Ford Mustang

Six Reasons to Own a Ford Mustang

Few cars hold such an memorable place in American culture and stir up as much passion as the Ford Mustang. The impact of the Mustang goes far beyond the 9-million-plus cars sold in 50 years of continuous production. It has made countless appearances in film, television, and video games. It is also the most “liked” car on Facebook. Whether you are a long-time owner of a classic Mustang or you are looking to purchase the recently redesigned model, here are six reasons to own a Ford Mustang:

  1. gail-wise-first-mustang-ever-sold-1964-flashback-fridayIconic History: On April 17, 1964, the world’s first American affordable sports car was introduced by Ford Motor Company at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. The Mustang is the second-longest-running sports car in the U.S.
  1. Making Mustang Friends:  Similar to the motorcycle community, Mustang owners are a tight-knit group. Ford estimates that there are more than 250 Mustang enthusiast clubs around the world.
  1. Affordability: While one would have to pay upwards of six figures to purchase such exotic sports car nameplates as Ferrari and Lamborghini, what makes the Mustang so appealing to the masses is that you can have the great performance that you would expect out of a sports car at a much lower cost.
  1. Driving Enjoyment: Put simply, the Ford Mustang is a very fun car to drive. Whether it for driving to work, going out at night, or cruising around on winding country roads on a weekend drive, you will benefit from endless hours of driving ecstasy while behind the wheel of a Mustang.
  1. Variety of Mustang Models: While some vehicles are limited to just a few models, the Mustang is full of tremendous variety. This includes such models as the Mustang Convertible, Mustang GT, V-6 Mustang, Shelby Mustang, and the Cobra Jet.
  1. Car Shows: Ownership of a Mustang is a surefire ticket to a car show, not only as a spectator, but also as a participant. Mustang car shows, held all over the world, are a fun way to network and see other amazing Mustang models.

For an exceptional driving experience at an affordable price, the Ford Mustang has few equivalents. If you are interested in experiencing this iconic automobile yourself, we encourage you to get in touch with us here at Matt Ford. We can show you all the features of the recently redesigned Mustang and get you behind the wheel of this spectacular car. Also, be sure to check back here on the Matt Ford blog as the fall season approaches for the release of the 2016 Ford Mustang.


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