Ford Flex May Have Been Sent to the Chopping Block

By Admin | Posted in Ford Flex on Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 at 11:20 pm

Was the Ford Flex Discontinued?

Although there have been quite a few changes for the 2015 models in the Ford lineup, it appears that one of the automaker’s SUVs hasn’t quite made the cut. Save for the 2015 Ford Edge, every vehicle from the newest 2015 model year has been released, but we have yet to see anything about the 2015 Ford Flex. As it stands now, it appears that 2014 may have been the last year for the boxy crossover. We have yet to hear about a replacement, so it appears that the SUV will join the list of the discontinued Ford models.

When the Flex first hit the market back in 2008, it became a hit among California residents, but if failed to find similar success in other areas of the country. As sales numbers were dwindling, Ford implemented a few changes for the 2013 model year, that included a refreshed front and rear, and the interior was also revamped. The changes, however, did not do much for the weak sales numbers.

When the Flex was first released, Ford had hoped to sell 100,000 of the crossovers every year, but it was a goal that was never met. The Ford Flex never was able to surpass 40,000 units sold in a year, and for that reason, we have a good feeling that it has been sent to the chopping block. Most consumers are sticking to the Escape and the Explorer, which have more well-known nameplates and have been trusted for years.

It truly is unfortunate that the Ford Flex may have been discontinued, especially as it is unlikely that it will get a replacement anytime soon. Sales number for the Ford Expedition—which seats the same amount of passengers as the Flex—remain strong, and for that reason, Ford will likely take advantage of the growing sales while they still can. It may not be quite as affordable as the Flex, but seeing as there is nothing set to be added to the production list, consumers after a seven-passenger Ford may be forced to deal with it.

To learn more about whether or not the Ford Flex has been discontinued, be sure to check back here on the Matt Ford blog. We will be sure to provide you with an update as soon as we hear more information. We have our fingers crossed that the Flex will be sticking around for a few more years, but based on its weak sales, we feel pretty strongly that the 2014 model will be the last one that we ever see.


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  1. Rick says:

    As of today, I see on the Ford website that the 2015 Flex is available but they won’t let you “build your own” like the other vehicles and inventory is pretty limited. It sure looks like its on its way out. Shame, I like them.

  2. charles says:

    With the limited number of models Ford has available one would think they would put some advertising money and effort into the FLEX. With just a little help this model could be a winner profit wise for Ford but Dealers don’t stock it and Ford doesn’t promote it so its no surprise that it will be dropped. Just look at the California foothold they will be giving up. Doesn’t have to be that way.

  3. Stefan Hearst says:

    I purchased a used 1999 Mercury Sable Station Wagon in 1999 with 30K milles for $11,000.00 because it was the cheapest vehicle to insure, it was the least likely vehicle to be stolen, it was “multi-functional” as a station wagon, and I got a huge discount when I inquired and showed interest in it at the dealership. When the Ford Flex came out in 2008, I was interested in it the same way I was with the station wagon but was shocked at the pricing from $35K to $45K. As Jimmy McMillan from New York would say, “The rent is too damn high.” The price of many vehicles have become too excessively high to purchase and to maintain. There is no good reason for vehicles to become expensive as wages continue on the decline around the country and as Americans blindly get into further debt traps with car loan debt, personal loan debt, credit card debt, payday loan debt, retirement loan debt and home loan CASH OUT refinancing just to keep up with the rising cost of living (INFLATION). It appears obvious that no matter what education one has as a business owner or manager, they simply never have the intellectual capacity to look “ahead of the curve” and build a better product (such as a vehicle) that is multi-functional, easy to troubleshoot and repair, has easy accessibility to the most common trouble areas within the engine area.

    I wish the Ford Flex had an easier design for eventual engine repairing and servicing in order to REDUCE the labour expenses that seem to be so much more expensive per hour these days. I wish Ford would just fire everyone of their engineers for not “thinking ahead of the curve” and designing a better mousetrap so that hard working Americans earning LOW WAGES (and a majority with no benefits) would be able to be loyal customers who appreciate products (vehicles) that are reliable and easy to determine cost of repair and maintenance during difficult economic times and hardship. Customer will only be attracted to vehicles that possess these qualities of lower cost engine repair and maintenance with lower labour costs because of easy access to the most common areas.

    Hopefully, with the discontinuation of the Ford Flex, perhaps the price will come down and be more competitive in price.

    Maybe some day in my lifetime, I might be able to afford a NEW vehilce that I want. I hate to see the Ford Flex model disappear. It is like a large version of a station wagon.

  4. Luigi says:

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  5. Ray Sigwalt says:

    I would buy a Flex in a heartbeat if I could find one that is Flexfuel. I cannot understand why it is not available as it uses the same powertrain as the Explorer

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  9. JB says:

    Unlike many of your other commenter I actually own a Ford flex. A 2010 SEL with all the bells and whistles. And I can say without a doubt this is the biggest lemon to come off fords assembly line. The awd stopped working. The rear end is always out of alignment. And the worst part is the water pump that is basically built into the engine. Of course my water pump went at 101k miles (after the warranty was just over) and to replace the water pump you need to rebuild the entire engine. Which cost me over $4k.

    I’ve owned 2 Fords in my life and both have cost me a fortune to fix. This will be the last Ford I ever own. Sadly foreign cars are made better. The proof is in the pudding.

  10. Rob says:

    I’ve leased 3 Flex’s and have had nothing but good experiences. Many of our friends have them as family cars as well. They’re super handy for longer trips to the snow and other places. I live in California so we always have boards, gear, etc. and it’s the only vehicle that isn’t shaped like an egg and isn’t a Tahoe/Suburban style huge vehicle. Don’t know about anyone else but I’m happy to see them stay around, but like the political parties, apparently there’s not going to be anything companies have to offer I like or that isn’t too small, too big or is an egg.

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