2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid Kansas City MO

Hybrid vehicles are sweeping the nation, and not surprisingly, Ford has a stake in the market. With fuel economy ratings that are undoubtedly impressive and a style that is attractive from all angles, the C-Max Hybrid is quickly becoming one of the top choices for commuters in the Kansas City area, and if you have been looking to jump on the hybrid bandwagon, you will be sure to appreciate that owning the 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid in Kansas City MO is a possibility here at Matt Ford, as we now have a few in stock.

One of the biggest benefits of the C-Max is that you have the option to get a standard charge-free model or a plug-in model. Both are able to return some impressive mileage ranges, but seeing as you have the ability to choose, it allows you to get the model that best fits your lifestyle. If you’re constantly on the run and don’t really have time to take two-and-a-half hours of your day to plug in and charge, you’ll find the standard C-Max hybrid is the ideal option, but if you only live a short distance from work, or you spend a lot of time off the road, there is no arguing that the 2015 Ford C-Max Plug-In Hybrid is best suited for you.

Regardless of whether you opt for the standard dual-motor C-Max or the single electric powered plug-in model, you’ll be sure to appreciate that the pair of hybrids utilize designs that are both stylish and practical. They offer a great deal of space for up to five passengers or a great deal of cargo, and with the hatchback design, they are able to deliver a best-in-class passenger volume. When the second row of seats isn’t in use, it can be folded down to provide as much as 52.6 cubic feet of space. Even when the vehicle is filled to the five-person capacity, however, footwells behind the front two seats provide additional storage and help to ensure that you can carry whatever you need to. The C-Max has room for whatever you need.

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Fuel Efficiency of the 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid

The standard dual-motor C-Max takes on a gas-powered four-cylinder and a small 88kW electric motor that is powered by a low-maintenance 1.4kWh lithium-ion battery. The motor gives the engine a bit of help in the power department and gives the C-Max a total output of 188 horsepower, which is quite impressive when compared to some of the other hybrids on the market. With the engines working in tandem, they are able to shell out ratings of 42 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway, and considering the fact that the vehicle never needs to be plugged in, those numbers come with no extra effort.

If you are looking to go even further, and are willing to take the time in order to do so, you will be sure to find that the C-Max Energi, the plug-in version of the hybrid, is even more attractive. It uses the same motor found in the standard hybrid, but as the battery is much larger, it’s able to last much longer. With the motor and engine working together, the 2015 Ford C-Max Energi can go as far as 95 mpg in the city and 81 mpg on the highway. In fact, on electricity alone, the hybrid can travel an impressive 19 gas-free miles.

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As we mentioned earlier, in order for the C-Max Energi to travel nearly 100 miles in the city on a single gallon of gas, the battery must be charged. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long to do that. When plugged into the recommended 240-volt charger, the vehicle can achieve a full charge in as little as two-and-a-half hours. If you’re too busy to take that time out of your day, you will really love the regenerative braking system of the standard hybrid, which collects kinetic energy typically lost during coasting and braking and sends it to the battery. It allows you to charge while you drive and keeps you from ever having to plug in.

As we said, if you are looking to take advantage of all that the 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid has to offer, we encourage you to get in touch with us here at Matt Ford. We now have the hybrid available for sale near Kansas City MO and if you check out our inventory, you will find that our prices on the C-Max simply cannot be beat. If you decide that you want to learn more about or test drive the hybrid at our dealership, we encourage you to fill out the form that we have provided here on this page to get the ball rolling.

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