2015 Ford Explorer 2015 Honda Pilot
3.5-Liter V6 Engine 3.5-Liter V6
290 Horsepower 250
Yes Terrain Management System No
$30,700 MSRP $29,870

2015 Ford Explorer vs 2015 Honda Pilot


The Ford Explorer and Honda Pilot both have names that sum up what the vehicles are capable of, and although the names have different meanings, they both suggest that the SUVs are able to get up and go wherever you want to take them. There are no limits. The reality is that there are limits for both models, but one of the two full-size crossover SUVs is able to push the limits much further than the other, which gives it a serious advantage over its competitor. Closer examination of the 2015 Ford Explorer vs 2015 Honda Pilot makes it clear to see which of the two vehicles is capable of endless possibilities.

One of the biggest reasons that the Explorer and the Pilot make for such a great comparison is that they have the same size engine beneath the hood. The pair of models come standard with a 3.5-liter V6, but just because they are similarly sized, does not mean that they are identical in terms of output. The base engine of the Explorer is able to produce as much as 290 horsepower, which is impressive seeing as it’s naturally-aspirated. The Pilot is not far behind, but it does fall a bit short with its 250-horsepower engine.

If you are looking for more in terms of power, you will be sure to appreciate that the Explorer also offers up a turbocharged edition of the 3.5-liter engine, and with the EcoBoost technology in place, the engine is able to achieve a 365-horsepower rating. It allows the SUV to tow as much as 5,000 pounds, which is great for those with a sense of adventure who plan to bring their campers or boats along for the ride.

Benefits of the 2015 Ford Explorer

Another one of the benefits of the Explorer is that it offers a revolutionary Terrain Management System that sets it apart from the competition. The feature is included with the Intelligent four-wheel drive system that is made available for the crossover. With all four of the wheels spinning, the Explorer is already capable of providing added traction, but with the innovative Terrain Management System turned on, you have the ability to take on mud, ruts, sand, grass, gravel and snow with ease. The technology allows you to drive with confidence in even the most unfavorable of conditions. It’s something the Pilot does not offer.

To top it all off, the Explorer comes at a price that is competitive with the price of the Pilot. The base model does have a slightly higher price, but with a difference of less than $1,000 between the two, the cost of each is not far off. Plus, when you consider the fact that the Explorer is able to do a lot more with a lot less, there is no arguing that the jump in price is justified. Even if you opt for the aforementioned Intelligent four-wheel drive and Terrain Management System, the price of the Explorer is surprisingly affordable.

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