2015 Ford Fiesta 2015 Ford Focus
197 Maximum Horsepower 252
43 Maximum Highway MPG 42
25.4 cu.ft. Maximum Cargo Capacity 44.8 cu.ft.
$13,965 MSRP $17,170

2015 Ford Fiesta vs 2015 Ford Focus


As the Fiesta and Focus are classified as a subcompact and compact car respectively, they are similar in size. Their like size also means that their capabilities are quite similar. As you would expect, however, the Focus, which is slightly larger, has a slight advantages in areas such as size and power. That is not to say that the Fiesta is inferior by any means though. Both the Fiesta and Focus offer up a range of benefits, and the vehicle that best suits you really depends on what you have at the top of your priority list. To assist you in your decision, let’s examine the capabilities of the 2015 Ford Fiesta vs 2015 Ford Focus a bit closer.

The biggest difference between the vehicles is space, and as they reside in different classes, that comes as no surprise. Both of the vehicles offer up space for as many as five passengers, and a great deal of cargo. They also both offer two different body styles. You can get the four-door sedan, but if you need a bit more space for cargo, the five-door hatchback versions are sure to be more appealing to you. More space will, of course, be found in the Focus, which offers as much as 44.8 cubic feet in the hatchback version, but at 25.4 cubic feet, there is no arguing that the Fiesta is spacious for its subcompact size.

As we said, regardless of size or body style, the Fiesta and Focus both offer up seats for as many as five passengers. Some believe that the Focus offers significantly more room for those passengers, but as the passenger volume only differs by roughly five cubic feet, both of the compact cars are quite spacious. In the Fiesta, there is 85.1 cubic feet of space for passengers while the Focus offers up 90.7 cubic feet.

Differences Between Ford Fiesta and Focus

Another one of the big differences between the Fiesta and Focus has all to do with the abilities of their engines. Since the Fiesta is smaller, it comes standard with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder that has the ability to produce 120 horsepower. Standard equipment in the Focus is a slightly larger 160-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that is not only powerful, but efficient as well. The gap in power carries up the line with the ST version of the Focus coming out on top with a 252-horsepower rating that gets roughly 50 horsepower more than the 197-horsepower engine found in the 2015 Ford Fiesta ST.

One engine that the pair of models have in common is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder option. The small engine has been offered in the Fiesta before, but it makes its appearance in the Focus for the first time this year. With all three of the pistons at work, the engine generates roughly 120 horsepower, but what makes it really appealing is its fuel economy. It has the ability to break the 40 mpg barrier with ease, but as the Fiesta is slightly smaller and easier to propel down the road, it offers the higher of the two ratings.

If you reside in the Kansas City area and are interested in learning more about how the 2015 Ford Fiesta and 2015 Ford Focus compare, we encourage you to get in touch with us here at Matt Ford. With both of the models in our new car inventory, we can get you in the driver’s seat of both of the compact cars so that you can really see what separates them. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.