2015 Ford Fusion 2015 Toyota Camry
37 MPG Highway Fuel Economy 35 MPG
240 Horsepower 268
Yes Plug-In Hybrid Option No
$22,010 MSRP $22,970

2015 Ford Fusion vs 2015 Toyota Camry


The mid-size car segment is quickly becoming one of the most popular as the vehicles that reside within the class are able to produce a great deal of power, as well as some appealing fuel economy ratings, both of which are capabilities that the majority of consumers are looking for in a car these days. As the class is so popular, it’s saturated with a great deal of options, which can make it difficult to determine which of the vehicles is best. For that reason, we thought that it would be helpful to take a closer look at two of the top options in the class. When comparing the 2015 Ford Fusion vs 2015 Toyota Camry, it’s clear to see that while both have their advantages, overall, the vehicle outfitted with the blue oval holds a slight advantage.

Since the Fusion and the Camry are the top options, not only in the segment, but in their respective lineups as well, there are quite a few options that come with both vehicles. There are various trim options, and a few different powertrains to choose from. What really separates the two is that all of the engines found in the Fusion only have four cylinders, while the Toyota Camry has both four- and six-cylinder options.

That is not to say that the Camry has an advantage, however. Although the available V6 generates a bit more power, the Fusion is able to produce 240 horsepower with two fewer cylinders. Sure it falls short in terms of overall power, but it makes up for the reduced output with its superior fuel economy ratings.

Performance of the 2015 Ford Fusion

When it comes to efficiency, the Ford Fusion simply cannot be beat. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for the gas, hybrid or plug-in hybrid model, either. When equipped with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that we mentioned earlier, the Fusion is able to travel as far as 37 mpg on the highway, which is slightly further than the 35 mpg highway rating of the Camry. Also, keep in mind that the aforementioned fuel economy rating of the Camry comes from the four-cylinder, rather than the V6. If you want to take advantage of the 268 horsepower, you have to upgrade the more expensive six-cylinder, which only has the ability to travel as far as 31 mpg on the highway. The Fusion offers power and fuel economy all in one package.

To top everything off, the starting price of the Ford Fusion comes in slightly lower than the price of the Toyota Camry. The difference is less than $1,000, but when you consider the fact that the Fusion is able to provide more impressive capabilities, the price is just another feather in its cap. Style, performance and fuel economy all available for a price that is more than affordable. You can’t go wrong with the Fusion.

If you want to learn a bit more about how the 2015 Ford Fusion compares to the 2015 Toyota Camry and are within the Kansas City MO area, be sure to schedule a test drive here at Matt Ford. We don’t have any models of the Camry available, but with a few different Fusion options, nothing stands in your way of putting the popular and capable mid-size through the paces for yourself. That way, you can see exactly why so many choose to purchase the Fusion over the Camry or any of its other comparable competitors.