2016 Ford Focus vs 2016 Scion iA
2016 Ford Focus 2016 Scion iA
160 @ 6500 RPM
Horsepower 106 @ 6000 RPM
146 @ 4450 RPM Torque 103 @ 6,000 RPM

2.0L I-4

Engine 1.5L I-4
36 MPG HWY Fuel Economy 41 MPG

2016 Ford Focus vs 2016 Scion iA

2016 Ford Focus vs 2016 Scion iA

The most popular car in the compact sedan segment is the Ford Focus. This model has millions of fans around the world who love its great technology, excellent driving dynamics, and comfortable and spacious interior. In fact, the Focus isn’t just the best-selling car in the segment, it's also the best-selling car in the world, which is very impressive. The new 2016 Ford Focus was recently released, and car shoppers are very excited about all of the new changes and improvements that have been included for the new model year. In fact, the 2016 Ford Focus has already been one of our best-selling models this year at Matt Ford even though it has only been on the market for a short period of time.

The compact sedan segment is becoming more popular every year because these vehicles boast excellent fuel economy and typically sell for a fairly affordable price tag. There is a lot of competition in the compact sedan segment. That is especially true in the new 2016 model year because Scion has released their all-new iA model this year. The iA is going to be competing with the Ford Focus each and every year for market share in the compact sedan segment. Therefore, we have decided to match up the new 2016 Ford Focus vs 2016 Scion iA in order to prove which model is best once and for all.

2016 Ford Focus: Performance and Fun

There is a lot to love on the new 2016 Ford Focus. This vehicle boasts performance that is superior to the majority of vehicles in the segment, including the new 2016 Scion iA. The 2016 Ford Focus boasts a spry and athletic 2.0L I-4 engine which is able to produce 160 horsepower with 146 pound-feet of torque. That is more than enough power to zip past traffic during your daily commute. It’s a fun and efficient car, and its performance should be a major selling point. On the other hand, the new 2016 Scion iA is very underpowered in comparison to the Ford Focus. The new 2016 Scion iA has a smaller 1.5L I-4 that is only able to produce 106 horsepower with 103 pound-feet of torque, which is not even close to the Focus.

Also, we were surprised to learn that the Focus boasts a fuel economy rating that is on par with the Scion iA. The Focus is able to achieve a highway fuel economy rating of 36 miles per gallon, and the iA is only able to get a slightly better rating of 41 miles per gallon. Anyone looking for the best of both worlds in regards to performance and fuel economy should look no further than the new 2016 Ford Focus.

Anyone interested in learning more about the new 2016 Ford Focus should feel free to visit us here at Matt Ford. We would be more than happy to answer your questions and set you up with a test drive so that you can experience it for yourself.  

2016 Ford Focus vs 2016 Scion iA