Ford Dealer Olathe KS

Here at Matt Ford, we continue to be the go-to dealership for those living in Olathe KS, as we are just a short drive away and provide a level of service that is superior to other Ford dealerships in the area. With a slew of customer satisfaction awards under our belt, including 18 prestigious Ford President’s Awards, it’s not difficult to see why so many choose to make the trip from Olathe to our dealership. If you are on the hunt for a Ford dealer near Olathe KS, we suggest that you see what we’re all about here.

We first opened our doors in 1976, and for nearly four decades, we have been proud to offer our services to those living within Kansas City and to those who live outside of the big city. As we said, we aren’t far off from Olathe, and with a location that is conveniently located off of Highway 24, accessing our location is quite simple. The question you may be asking yourself, however, is why would you choose to drive to our dealership when there are others that are located much closer to Olathe. Allow us to explain.

New and Used Vehicles Olathe KS


If you take a look at our new car inventory here on the website, you can see exactly why so many choose to journey to our dealership rather than the others in Olathe or in Kansas City. We keep everything very well stocked, and always ensure that when a new vehicle is released that we get it in as soon as possible. If there is a new model that you are looking for, we can almost guarantee that you will find it here. We can also promise you that we’ll have it for the price that you desire. It’s what separates us from the rest.

The same goes for our used car inventory. We have a range of Ford models, as well as vehicles from all different automakers. The selection is wider than you may think, and as we a range of years, makes and models, we can pretty much assure you that at least a few of the vehicles will be able to fit your budget. It doesn’t matter what used vehicle you ultimately choose, however. Each of the offerings in our used car inventory has been inspected by our service department to ensure that it’s running at optimal performance.

Auto Service and Repair Olathe KS

We have the vehicles that you need at the prices that you want, but we also have a service department that has the ability to keep your car in shape all throughout the year. Again, you may wonder why you would journey over here to utilize our service department when you could go to an auto service and repair shop in Olathe. The simplest answer is that you can only gain access to a team of technicians who are all certified when you visit us. If you want the best of the best in auto service, you can find it at Matt Ford.

We know that we’ve hit you with a lot here, but quite surprisingly, we’ve only scratched the surface. If you want to get the full experience of all that we’re able to do here, we encourage you to schedule an appointment here on our website. Either setup a test drive or a service appointment if you’re ready to take the next step. If you want to learn more about us before you get the ball rolling, feel free to browse around on our website or get in touch with us directly. We are more than happy to address any of your questions.

Believe us when we say that no other Ford dealer in Olathe KS is able to deliver a level of service quite like ours. Experience our award-winning dealership today. We truly look forward to getting to know you.