Leave a Review for Matt Ford

Through the last nearly four decades that we have been in business, we at Matt Ford have won a number of awards for customer satisfaction. We have won the prestigious Ford President’s Award 18 times and have also managed to receive 11 Outstanding Achievement Awards and 9 Quality Car Dealer Awards for Customer Satisfaction. In addition to all of those, we were chosen as the 2012 Dealer Rater Missouri Ford Dealer of the Year. We so many recognitions under our belt, it’s not difficult to see why so many continue to turn to our dealership over the others located in the areas we serve.

One of the ways that we have been able to achieve such a great deal of success is through feedback from our customers. With reviews on our performance, we are able to continue doing what is right, and able to correct areas that may need improvement. Without your feedback, however, none of this is possible. For that reason, if you have been in our dealership recently, we encourage you to take a second to let us know how we did. There are three different places where you can leave us a review, and by clicking on one of the icons below, you will be directed to the proper place to give us feedback.

If you have yet to experience the difference that we are capable of delivering here at Matt Ford, we highly suggest that you take the time to read what others have to say about us. We have a ton of glowing reviews on all three of the above sites, and believe us when we say that the customer reviews that we have accumulated over the years truly are a testament to what we are able to do here. There is a reason that we have been able to procure nearly 40 awards through our decades of service.