You’re invited to join the Matt Ford College Program

This is a limited time offer built just for students in the KC area!


If you are a current college student, or recent college graduate, you’re eligible for the exclusive Matt Ford College Program.

  • This program entitles eligible participants no payments for 90 days on all new vehicles. (all colleges including JUCO's and vocational)
  • 4 Year graduates qualify for Tier 0 finanicing!*  (4 year universities)

If you haven’t felt the benefits of your diploma or college hours yet, then it’s time to visit Matt Ford. Drive off the lot in a new vehicle and make no payments for 90 days.


Fall tuition due soon? You won’t have a car payment to worry about for 90 days!

Not attending a major University? Not a problem! Higher Education is important no matter where it comes from. This offer is open to active college or Trade School students as well as graduates within 3 years of college graduation.

First-time buyer? No problem! Matt Ford is here to serve you. That means we’re happy to make a deal that works with your budget and credit history. We understand that participating in higher education can be a financial burden, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your vehicle safety or quality to afford it!


 See our new Inventory here and our pre-owned inventory here


Interested in the Matt Ford College Program?

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Available now through August 31, 2017.

Come experience the Matt Ford difference today- because price MATTers!

*minimum 620 FICO score, copy of diploma or transcript required, $50k finance max.