Military Discounts in Kansas City, Independence & Blue Springs


Matt Ford, Providing Missouri and Kansas with Military Discounts!

We are a top destination for Ford military discounts. Matt Ford is located just outside Kansas City, and is proud to salute both our active and retired men and women.  We proudly offer military discounts for the entire Kansas City area! We have sold and serviced many active, reserve, and retired military customers and their families including those from Ft Leavenworth Kansas, Ft Riley, Ft Scott, Ft Leonard Wood, McConnell AFB, and Whiteman AFB. In addition our trained staff has many family members who have proudly served in virtually every branch of the armed forces, and recognize the sacrifice and duties performed by our American service members.

Due to Ford’s new updated program process for the new vehicle military discounts please follow the communication listed below. For pre-owned sales and service military discounts just asked any member of our trained automotive Matt Ford team! We are ready and willing to assist you in all aspects of your automotive needs, including walking you through Ford’s new process for new vehicle discount certificates.


Getting your Ford Military Discount Certificate Number:

Ford Motor Company is grateful to you for your honorable service to our country. And we’re proud to support members of the military, and their families, who sacrifice, and have sacrificed so much for our country. Ford has changed how it issues it’s military discounts for new vehicle deliveries starting as of February 8, 2016. Customers will now be directed to to register and be validated online for their military eligibility according to Ford program rules. Once verified, customers will receive a certificate number that will be used by Matt Ford to claim the program discount.


Detailed Instructions:

During the registration process, customers will be verified within “Troop ID”, which is a 3rd party verification service that is linked to the government databases that contain the military information. More information about Troop ID can be found at

1. Customers will go to Then click on ‘Troop ID” to register must go through “Troop ID” for verification.

2. After the customer clicks on “Troop ID” there will be a “sign in” page. If the customer is already a “Troop ID” member they will just need to enter in their email and password. If the customer is not already a member then the customer will need to sign up

3. If the customer is already a member of “Troop ID” and has been verified the customer will then be directed to the enrollment form to receive their certificate. First, the customer will have to choose the vehicle of interest. Then depending on the vehicle selection the customer will receive the enrollment form. If the customer is not a member of “Troop ID” then they will need to sign up in order to be verified that the service member qualifies for the incentive. Note: The customer must go through “Troop ID” for verification.

4. If the customer is successfully verified then the customer will then be directed to the enrollment form. The customer will receive an online confirmation and an email confirmation which includes the customer’s certificate number and program number. The customer will need to provide this to Matt Ford.